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An exclusive collection of digital Fin & Tech events, dedicated to our members, spread over the year 2021

by Laurent Nizri, CEO Altéir Consulting & Altéir Event, Founder of the Paris Fintech Forum.


In five editions, from 2016 to 2020, the Paris Fintech Forum has become the Davos of digital finance and Fintech. The 2020 edition was one of superlatives with nearly 330 CEOs on stage, from banks, regulatory insurers and Fintechs from all over the world, nearly 3,000 participants from 75 countries, the vast majority of whom were CEOs, CxOs, founders and directors, 700+ Fintech CEOs on stage or in the venue, and over 200 partners.

We announced on stage at the end of this last edition that it was time for us after 5 years of dazzling development to take a break and rethink our model to continue to be the benchmark event over time.

We initiated the redesign of the concept with some of our early partners. Then the Covid-19 happened. The world has stopped. The foreseeable future has gone from a few years to a few days. And what could be more incompatible with the fears created by this pandemic than to gather in a confined place 3,000 people from 75 countries for 2 days?

And yet, more than ever the finance industry is digitizing at the speed of light. More than ever, new entrants need to interact with established players, investors and regulators. More than ever, the latter must adapt quickly to the massive transformation of the entire economy.

More than ever, our ecosystem needs to learn, understand, share and exchange.

So we decided, like many of you, to turn this situation into an opportunity. An opportunity to transform ourselves with and for our community. An opportunity to support these changes over time and no longer once a year as in the past. An opportunity to reach more of you, more often, more effectively. An opportunity to reinvent ourselves with you.


The world is changing, we are changing with it, for you. Join us !


In 2021 we will therefore break the codes of what we had built previously, but of course by keeping our DNA which has made our success: exclusivity, international vision, diversity, rich content, high-level networking ...

Under the Paris Fin & Tech Forum Communities banner, you will discover in a mostly digital format (but not only) high-level sessions that have made our reputation, organized accross 6 thematic streams declined throughout the year during key moments. These sessions will be carried out mainly live from our studio (to really allow you to participate with your questions through the app) and associated with organized networking time.

You will also be able to discover the new Fintechs that are building the future of tomorrow thanks to the PFF Fintech Awards. It will give the opportunity to Fintechs around the world, mainly in the seed / series A / series B phases, to exhibit in our startup village, and, for those who will be selected, to pitch in front of you, still in our app during dedicated sessions, in the presence of our jury of international VCs.

Another key takeaway will be to enjoy exclusive content like weekly podcast series (video and audio) featuring key industry players in uncompromising interviews.

For the third year in a row, we will also organize the Women in Finance Lunch with influential figures from the sector, because more than ever the subject of gender diversity must be at the heart of our concerns.

Our virtual exhibition hall will allow you to discover the offers and solutions of our partners and exhibitors, and to interact with them in order to lay the foundations for your future projects.

Finally, and above all, everything will be done to maximize interactions and networking between our members within our dedicated application, a single portal for access to the entire universe of the Paris Fintech Forum Communities. Appointment by video call, personalized proposals for people to meet, speed dating, discussion forums ... everything will be there to allow you to continue in these complicated times to launch new projects, develop new business relationships, imagine the future of tomorrow with the other members of our community.

I would like to thank very warmly the more than 20 partners who have already confirmed their massive and involved support. A huge thank you to all of them.


The detailed program, access and membership procedures will be posted online in January 2021. Until then, follow us on twitter (@ParisFinForum) to stay up to date with our news, discover all the key information about the event on this site and watch your emails to know everything in advance!

And of course do not hesitate to contact us to become a partner, exhibit or offer a speech in one of our different formats! (see on the homepage)