• "Early Bird" tickets : benefit from the best possible price with discounts going from -40% in September to -10% in December. Warning: the number of Early Bird tickets is very limited and each promotion has a end date. Do not wait to claim your Early Bird ticket! All details here(SOLD OUT)
  • "Startup Fintech"  tickets with 50% discount: only for employees of a startup created for less than 5 years on the event date, offering a product or service related to the Fintech industry and whose funds raised less than 10 M€. Maximum 2 tickets per eligible startup. To be bought before the 12/01/19. All details here(SOLD OUT)
  • "General Admission" tickets: Secure your ticket for the event and keep the flexibility to transfer it for free to someone else until the 14/01/19. More details here. (SOLD OUT)
  • 1 day tickets for the 30/01 only: with those tickets you can accessthe event the full day the 30/01
  • "Diamond" tickets : Enjoy the best experience at PFF19! Maximum flexibility (free ticket transfer to a third party until 3 days before the event), garanteed invitation to the Gala Dinner, Priority access line on site at the event, unlimited access to all videos in streaming for 1 year when available in March 19.  More information here.  
  • You are a Media: ask for your accreditation here

Available means of payment: Cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express (no more  Bank Transfer or on invoice  after the 15/01, find more information here)

✔️  To get all details on each ticket category please read the ticketing FAQ here
✔️  Tickets are nominative, non-refundable, non transferable and non-exchangeable. ID card or passport will be asked each time you enter the event venue.
✔️  As an exception, "General admission"  and "Diamond" tickets are transferable through a specific online process until respectively the 14/01/19 and the 25/01/19 . Please check below in the ticketing FAQ for details.
✔️  You will received your ticket once it is fully paid. If you choose to pay by wire transfer, it should be received within 10 working days after the order, if not you order could be canceled.
✔️  Payments through wire transfers will not be allowed after 15/01/2019 due to the payment delays.
✔️  French VAT  (20%) applies  in all cases and is added to the ticket prices regardless the origin country and the status of the buyer 
✔️  You will receive an invoice with your ticket via email once you will have paid. We cannot modify an invoice once issued.
✔️  When you buy a ticket on our platform you accept our selling terms & conditions.




*: provided if there are seats available when you arrive, limited by each space capacity  
**: unless specific privatisation by the partners   
***: Find all details below in the FAQ tickets


Once purchased, all event ticket gives you an unlimited access the 29 & 30 January to (limited to the capacity of each space of course) :

  • All session rooms without any exception. Please note that during a session, seats are subject to availability.
  • The 2 conferences rooms C and D dedicated to our partners’ workshops. Access might be restricted by the partner; if true, it will be communicated on our website and/or on the program,
  • The public networking lounges, except both media and speaker’s lounges.
  • The Innovation & Networking Lounges animated by our partners, please note that they can restrict the access to these areas under their own conditions.
  • The exhibition areas on both floors,
  • The guest catering: breakfast, lunch, and coffee-breaks are offered to all attendees in the exhibition hall.
  • The Paris Fintech Night, our big closing party! (subject to availability upon your arrival time).



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 "General Admission" ticket

  • Gives access to the entire event during the 2 days as described above in the "Discover our offer" section
  • Conditionally transferable:
    • you can request to change the name on the ticket only once at no fee until 14/01/2019
    • after the first transfer, the other ones will be charged 250€ (per changement)
    • no transfer possible after 14/01/2019
  • Non-cancelable, non-refundable.

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Early "Bird Ticket"

  • Gives access to the entire event during the 2 days as described above in the "Discover our offer" section
  • Discounted ticket available from September to December with discount rates changing monthly.
  • Every Early Bird tickets are sold in a limited number, so we can stop the offer anytime, before the theoretical deadline.
  • Non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable, Early Bird tickets are nominative and non flexible.

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“Fintech Startup” tickets

  • Gives access to the entire event during the 2 days as described above in the "Discover our offer" section
  • Special discount: 50% off General Admission ticket price.
  • Limitation and eligibility:
    • Special discount “Fintech Startup” is only available for members of a startup created for less than 5 years on the event date, offering a product or services related to the Fintech industry and whose funds raised or less than 10M€.
    • This special offer is limited to 2 tickets per startup.
    • The event organizer is the only judge upon the eligibility of the request. The organizer can cancel a ticket taken under this special category if it considers that the participant is not eligible for this offer after detailed verification. In this case, the ticket will be refunded to the buyer.
  • Non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable, “Startup Fintech” tickets are nominative and non-flexible.

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“Diamond” ticket

A premium ticket with specific advantages limited to 100 participants maximum:

  • Gives access to the entire event during the 2 days as described above in the "Discover our offer" section
  • Priority access to the welcome desk.
  • Invitation to the Gala Dinner on 29/01 at the Intercontinental Opéra hotel (your seat will be reserved for you until 8PM, then given to someone on the waiting list if you are not here in time)
  • Unlimited one year access to a streaming platform to watch all the videos of the event (3 session rooms broadcasted over 2 days) as soon as they are available on mid-March 2019 (please see standard video access conditions for non-“Diamond” ticket here).
  • Transferable under certain conditions until 25/01/2019: tickets are nominative but you can request to change the name on it (3 changes maximum) until 3 working days before the event, at no fee (specific online process to follow).
  • Non-cancelable, non-refundable.

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Payment Methods

  • Credit or Debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  •  Wire/Bank transfer. Please note that:
    • Altéir Event’s bank account information are sent once you register and select this option as a payment method.
      Any wire transfer received after the determined payment date will result in a cancelled ticket.
      In this case, the participant will have to restart the registration process and may lose any previously offered price reduction.
    • Payment orders by wire transfer won't be accepted starting January 15, 2019 due to the long settlement period. Please contact for any concern on this matter.
  •  After invoicing: if you want to receive an invoice to be settled, and eventually add on it a reference number, please  select the option "on invoice" at the end of the process on the payment wall.
  • Checks: send your check to our postal address: Altéir Event, 10 rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris, France.
    Please write clearly on the check the attendee’s name and last name as well as the order number.


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  • You can find your invoice in a pdf format attached to your ticket confirmation email. You would receive this after the ticket purchase. If the email addresses of buyer and the participant are different, you can choose when registering on which you want to receive the invoice. Please also check your Spam inbox.
  • Invoices cannot be modified once they have been issued. Please ensure entering the correct data during the registration process.
  • According to the French law on congresses and forums, French VAT must be included in the total amount paid by the buyer disregarding the country of purchase.


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